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Wereldwijde financiën
Eenvoudig gemaakt. 

Innovatieve fintech-oplossingen om internationale handel te vereenvoudigen. Het wereldwijde account om te converteren, te innen, te betalen en te lenen in maximaal 130 valuta's in meer dan 200 landen.

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Foreign exchange risk management toolbox

Captrex is aware FX risk management is a vital element in any internationally focused business to protect profit margins and achieve an overview of budgetary requirements. 



Often considered to be too complex, expensive and time-consuming, we make it simple to reduce your business risk


We will get to know your business and assist in creating a currency risk management strategy to lock-in exchange rates and eliminate risk.  

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How it works 
FX Solutions 




FX forwards, fixed + window, NDF'S

Tenors up to 5 years

0% deposit options available

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