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Wereldwijde financiën
Eenvoudig gemaakt. 

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Pay and collect funds across the globe simply and swiftly. through our partnership with fintech providers you can take advantage of being able to collect and pay locally, with dedicated in country account details and remove the friction associated with theses transactions. 

Global Payments and collections 

Make global payments to suppliers, employees and partners all over the globe, with access to SWIFT and Faster payments in 130+ currencies into 200+ countries. 

Remove the friction of having to open local bank accounts in foreign countries  to collect funds in, with our multi-currency collection accounts with dedicated IBAN's allowing seamless repatriation of funds. 

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Collect in 35+ countries with dedicated IBAN's 

No local entity required to collect funds in-country

Global payments in 130+ currencies across 200+ countries 

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