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Global finance
Made Simple. 

The full suite of fintech solutions to simplify international trade. Through our partnerships with global Fintech providers we can give access to a global account to convert, collect, pay and borrow in up to 130 currencies across 200+ countries.

The all-in-one solution to tackle global business  


The online account capable of doing it all. Streamline your global financial operations, with an all in one tech based solution. Leverage a range of global payments solutions, multi-currency accounts with multi country IBAN's, flexible lending solutions alongside cost effective FX with the ability to integrate into your existing TMS, ERP and accounting software systems. 

As an international business you need more control and clarity of the financial services available to you. 


The solutions provided aim to Leverage cutting edge tech to simplify, speed up and reduce operating costs compared with more traditional methods currently available in the market. 

Trade Finance 

Enhance your working capital with flexible credit solutions to finance your international goods or services

Control and manage currency risk with direct access to hedging products like fixed forwards, window forwards and NDF's

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Global payments + collections 

Dont be a tourist. Do business like a local with in-country account details to collect and pay without friction 

Your Business Can Access






day for most payments

Flexible Credit Line

countries to be local in

Clients we serve

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At Captrex, we believe all businesses should have full access to the financial services necessary to run a global business without the complexity and cost that typically comes with them. 


We like to make things simple by leveraging cutting edge technology and removing the layers of complicated systems and processes to reveal a straightforward yet powerful solution providing international financial and treasury services at their best. 

Join our community as you grow and scale across borders seamlessly with our helping hand at every step of the way. Captrex is much more than just an account. 

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